Thursday, April 17

Alaska and Jake: Future Plans

So, are you convinced?

Oh yeah, I'm convinced. 

Sorry I'm such a sap. I just was totally flipped out, because you look so good and you said it was from seeing your family.  So I figured you would want to be moving back to your family. 

Even if I did want to move back there, which I don't right now. I'd want you to come, too.  

Come here and lay down next to me. 

Do you think you could handle the cold and the dark?

*laughs* Yeah, I could. We could just hibernate all winter, like bears. 

I'm not ready to leave the desert. I just got here. 

Okay. Well, if you get gypsy in your blood, just let me know, so I can pack, too. 

Tell me about all the places you've been. Are there any you want to go back to?

Well, I didn't stay anywhere long enough to really know. Everything was kind of a blur, until I got here. You want to go on a road trip?

Sure! Let's go! This summer. We'll map it out and see where we want to go. 

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  1. Oooh! Road trip! This should be fun. Glad to see Jake calming down while finding a sense of fun and excitement.