Sunday, March 30

New Wigs for a Few of These Darlings

Marina has gone red. So of course I needed to take her photo with Kade. I think he likes it. She also has new eyes, they are a dark green. Not sure if I should get her a light blue, but I'll let her ride with these for awhile. 

Rose has also gone red, since it goes with her name, and Fawn has taken over Rose's dark brown wig. I love the blond fairyland wigs on them both, but they are a little too big. These wigs fit just right and are not capable of accidently slipping, as long as there is a wig cap underneath. 

Tomorrow or Tuesday a new someone is showing up. Wonder who it will be....


  1. Love the new wigs. Marina looks great as a redhead (It even works well with her lip color); Rose looks good in red, too.

    Can't you give us a little hint about the new someone? Male or female? Big or small?

    1. Thanks for the comments about the wigs! I totally agree about the wig matching her lip color. The wig was a total surprise, I thought it was going to be more brown. It worked out exactly right for her!
      No hints! I'm hoping the new one shows up tomorrow!

  2. OOH! I love the red!
    Is the new someone an ante elf?

  3. I just love these wigs on the two littlefee! Marina also looks lovely as a red-head!

    ...and I am now so curious now about the new arrival! LOL

  4. I think Marina looks nicer with her new eyes and wig, it really suits her.