Thursday, November 21

Harley and Crow: The Truth Comes Out

I've never had to tell anyone this before, because everyone else important in my life already new it. And I really didn't plan on telling you so soon. I thought I would wait until I thought you were totally in love with me, and then you would be too hooked to leave. 

I already am hooked. 

Well, I don't know if you're hooked enough, but here it goes: I'm a shapeshifter. I can transform at will into a wolf. It's a genetic trait that's been in my bloodline for centuries, from the beginning of recorded history of my tribe. You've studied the legends in your humanities classes, you remember?

I remember. I never really imagined they were true, even though I had fantasized that they could be.

You fantasized that they could be true?

Yeah, I mean, wouldn't it be amazing to see the world through wolf eyes?

Wow Harley, you're really not freaked out about this? 

No, I mean. Oh my god, you're my wolf, aren't you? The one I kept seeing on the hiking trails. I kept hoping I would see you these last two weeks, and I didn't. But that's because you were out of town. 

Yeah, I'm your wolf. More than you know, I'm your wolf. 

Harley, this is a deep secret. I mean there are legends and stuff, but it's not something we share with the outside world. Are you able to deal with that? To be involved with a shapeshifter and not be able to talk about it to anyone outside of the pack? 

You could have told me you were a zombie and I would work a way in my head to make it all alright. I really just want to be with you. 

I am totally in love with you, you get that right?

I'm totally in love with you, too. 

So we're together? 

Yes, we're together. 

You have to tell me everything. 

I will. 


  1. AWWWW!!! "Yeah, I'm your wolf. More than you know, I'm your wolf. " Might be THE most romantic thing I've ever read. So powerful, it brought tears to my eyes. Yaay!!! They're in LOVE and they KNOW they're in love! YAAY!!!

  2. Yaaaaaaaaaay!! I'm cheering for them!!!
    Lovely story. Who kissed first?

  3. Hurray! Everything is good again and it gave me big smiles and happy thoughts! Lovely story!

  4. Awwww... I'm so glad that went well for them!

  5. Can you feel the looovveeeee tonight! (Oh yah, I just got my lion king on)EEP!
    Harley+Crow= worlds cutest couple

  6. Perfectly done! And I love that you got the sleep faces for both of them--it makes a kiss so much more a kiss, if you know what I mean.

  7. Well thank goodness for that!!XD
    So glad that they finally figured it out!
    And the kiss was so cute!

  8. I agree with Miranda that "Yeah, I'm your wolf. More than you know, I'm your wolf." is soooo romantic. It's just the sweetest thing ever. I just love reading about Harley and Crow.

  9. Thank you everyone for all of your compliments and commentary!! I am so excited to have you all reading and enjoying the Harley and Crow saga!! Love you guys! xoxo