Friday, November 29

Harley and Crow: Origin of the Man Wolf Tribe

Ematet was a lone wolf. He was big and strong and was looking for a new home. One day, when he was getting a drink of water from a river, he saw a woman sitting along the river bank. Her scent traveled on the wind to him, and Ematet fell instantly in love with her. He tracked her back to her people and saw that she was living in her parents' home, and that they called her Sulla. He vowed that he would find a way to be her mate, even though he was a wolf. 
He went to Aki, the wolf god and begged him to please turn Sulla into a wolf so that they could be mates. Aki refused. Instead Aki told Ematet that if he really wanted to be mated with Sulla, he must be willing to give up his wolf shape, and take on the shape of a human man. Immediately Ematet agreed. He asked Aki to tell him what he must do to take on the shape of a man. Aki told him that there was a price that he must pay if he was to do this. Ematet's sons and his sons’ sons would always have two shapes, that of a man and that of a wolf. Aki then told Ematet what he must do. He must get Sulla to give him a drink from her water vessel. As soon as she gives him a drink, Ematet’s body would transform and he would become a man. 
Ematet was angry. No one had ever heard of a human giving a drink to a wolf. Not when a wolf could easily get his own drink from a river or stream. Ematet thought and thought. For three days he contemplated how to get Sulla to offer him a drink. He would need to offer her a drink first. He planned his task to take three days. Three days when he would go an action and repeat that action until she imitated him. On the first day of his plan, Ematet lay a flower by the river where Sulla usually filled her vessel. When Sulla arrived. Ematet trotted up and lay another flower a distance away from her. He then sat on his haunches and nodded his head to her. He wanted her to know he was the one who brought her the flower, but he didn’t want to frighten her. Then he trotted off and shortly returned with another flower. Again he sat on his haunches and nodded his head to her. Then he trotted off again and returned with a third flower.  A third time he sat on his haunches and nodded his head at her. Sulla, who had been wary at first, laughed at this wolf’s antics. She walked to a nearby flowering bush, plucked a blossom and laid it down at the wolf’s feet.
The next day Ematet came to visit Sulla again while she was getting water from the river for her vessel. This time Ematet brought a hollow knot from a tree with him. He placed it at her feet. He sat on his haunches and nodded his head to her. He did this three times, with three different hollow knots from trees. After the third time, Sulla placed her empty vessel at the wolf’s feet.
On the third day, Ematet brought another hollow knot with him.  This time he walked into the river with it, filling it with water, and laying it at Sulla’s feet. He then sat back on his haunches and nodded his head to her. He did this three times. The third time he nodded to her again and again, and at last Sulla understood that the wolf wanted her to drink from the hollow knot. After she took a drink, she filled her vessel with water and laid it at the Ematet’s feet. She nodded her head to Ematat and told him to drink. Ematet drank and he transformed into a man. Sulla took him and her water vessel to her parents. Her parents agree to their marriage. That is how the tribe of wolves and men began. 
After Sulla’s parents agreed to her marriage to Ematet, Aki called Ematet to him. He told him to bring Sulla with him to the stone alter under the large oak tree. The next day, Ematet and Sulla met Aki at the alter. Aki told them that the only way their love would last was if they performed a blood bonding ceremony. The bond would do two things: It would enable them to communicate with each other while Ematet was in his wolf shape, and it would forever bind them together, since they each always have the other’s blood inside their veins.

Aki told them that they both needed to agree to this bond, or it wouldn’t work. It could not be coerced. If it was, Sulla’s blood would turn to poison inside Ematet and kill him. They both must profess their love for each other and freely cut their veins open so the blood could be shared. Aki explained that there was a special knife that would cut both of their hands at the same time. Aki would bind their hands together for an hour, during which time, the blood of one would work it’s way into the body of the other. After one hour, they were to remove the binding, and rinse their hands in the river. The bonding would then be complete.
Aki asked them if they both agreed to this.  Sulla and Ematet agreed. They put their hands together around the special knife, and had their hands cut at the same time. They let Aki bind their hands together for one hour. After one hour, they removed the binding and rinsed their hands in the river. The bonding was complete. Aki blessed them and told them they would have a loving marriage that lasted for all eternity.  That is how the love of Ematet and Sulla has lasted through this day.

Why do you look so sad?

It's the story that your father told the other night. 

You don't like the idea of Ematet and Sulla having to be bound in blood?

No, that's not it. I just don't understand what you're doing here with me. I mean, I know you say you're in love with me, but don't you have to wait for your Sulla? I mean, how can I ever compare to that kind of true love? So we'll be together until you meet her and then I'm just going to be devastated when you finally do meet her, and I don't know what I'm going to do. I mean you'll be happy and truly in love and I'll just be miserable. How can I survive that?

Harley, don't you understand? You are my Sulla. I am your Ematet. I'm not waiting for anything else. This is it for me. But I'm not sure this is it for you.  That's why I wasn't sure I was ready to tell you. Because you are still so young, and I don't want to curb your desire to be wild and free. The minute I saw you in the woods I was totally overwhelmed by you. I saw you and smelled you and it was an instant, overpowering need to be with you. And then you saw me, and I realized I had just done something I wasn't supposed to, I let a stranger see me in wolf form. And I had to run, and I didn't know how I was ever going to find you again. And then I found you at Rachel's coffee house and I couldn't believe it. But I couldn't just tell you what you meant to me. I still am nervous about it. I mean, you do have a choice, to walk away if it's too much. 

I'm really your Sulla? 

Yes, you are really my Sulla. And I am really your wolf, completely dedicated to you. But if you aren't ready for that, you can go be wild and free, and I'll be waiting here, if you ever decide to come back. 

Why do you think I want to be wild and free? I've never wanted to be free, maybe a little wild, but I can be wild with you. Can't I?

Baby, you can be as wild as you want to be with me. *laughs* I mean, I'm almost a wild animal. I don't know how to reassure you any more than I have. You're just going to have to trust me and over time you'll see that I am true. So let go and relax and trust in us. 


  1. Wow! That was SO professional ! You should be like, a best selling author!

  2. Interesting origin story! :D

  3. Lovely story! Just one question. If Ematet is giving up his wolf form forever to be transformed into a man, why does the blood bond enable them to communicate when he is in wolf form? Or is the important thing that he is *willing* to give up his wolf form, and he doesn´t lose it after all?

  4. I was just wondering how to phrase my comment and then I read Yukari's. My question exactly.

    Love the origin story. Now if only Harley can loosen up and quit being so dense. He loves you, girl!

  5. Balljointed Woman and Yukari, thank you for pointing it out! It was an editing error which I have now fixed! xoxo

  6. Awesome!!!!
    Great legend!!!