Sunday, November 24

Harley and Crow: More to it Than That

*typing away madly*

Hey, I need to tell you about Idaho. 

Is there another girl in Idaho?

What? No. There's another pack of shapeshifters, and they are our rivals. 

Wow, there are more of you?

Quite a few, actually, although each tribal group never has more than 5 shifters at once. More than that and they start to get noticed, so the population kind of keeps itself in check. So when there's a fight or some discipline required for renegade groups, we generally have to band together with other tribal groups to get a big enough group to take down the renegades. Anyway, that's what was happening in Idaho. A few shapeshifters started on meth, and then began cooking their own, and one of them started a fight and ended up killing an innocent person, so I had to drop everything and run. Anyway, there's a lot of anger and it's not over yet. So, we're all kind of on edge waiting to see what's going to happen. If I suddenly don't call you, you'll know where I am. 

Whoa. And I thought it was just a walk in the woods. 

I wish. 

I'm sorry. It sounds dangerous. I had no idea. Now I feel stupid for getting so upset. 

Harley, you had no way of knowing, you don't need to feel stupid. It is dangerous, but we know how to handle ourselves, and we had greater numbers, which always helps. 

Hey, don't forget we're going to my parents' house for dinner tonight. My dad is going to tell some of the legends so you can hear them and have a better understanding of what you're getting into. Pretty much everyone in our tribe grows up with these legends. Not that they think they are real. But it's usually easier for a shapeshifter's mate to understand the truth behind them, when they've heard the stories their whole lives. 

Oh, I was trying to forget about it. I'm scared to meet them. I mean, what if they don't like me? I'm just some white girl from New Jersey, with few ties to tradition. I can't imagine that's who they'd want their only son to be involved with.

Harley, listen to me, you have never been, nor will you ever be just some white girl from New Jersey. 

You are a very special person and my parents are going to love you, simply because you've brought love into my life. And then they are going to love you because you are so wonderful, how could they not?

*blushes and closes her eyes* I hope so.

Trust me. 


  1. Awww, so romantic!!
    It's great learning more about Crow's shapeshifting life!

  2. Agreed! I just wish I could be a fly on the wall at that dinner at Crow's house...

  3. I LOVE how much added dimension the sleeping faces give to the photos for this story.

  4. They are so adorable!

  5. Awww, this is so sweet. I love this so much.