Thursday, April 17

Alaska and Jake: Future Plans

So, are you convinced?

Oh yeah, I'm convinced. 

Sorry I'm such a sap. I just was totally flipped out, because you look so good and you said it was from seeing your family.  So I figured you would want to be moving back to your family. 

Even if I did want to move back there, which I don't right now. I'd want you to come, too.  

Come here and lay down next to me. 

Do you think you could handle the cold and the dark?

*laughs* Yeah, I could. We could just hibernate all winter, like bears. 

I'm not ready to leave the desert. I just got here. 

Okay. Well, if you get gypsy in your blood, just let me know, so I can pack, too. 

Tell me about all the places you've been. Are there any you want to go back to?

Well, I didn't stay anywhere long enough to really know. Everything was kind of a blur, until I got here. You want to go on a road trip?

Sure! Let's go! This summer. We'll map it out and see where we want to go. 

Monday, April 14

Alaska and Jake: Alaska Returns

You look amazing! 

Yeah, seeing my family did me a lot of good. I miss them already.

How's your dad doing?

He's slowly improving. It's going to take some time though. God, I hadn't expected to be gone for so long. Lucky for me, all my profs accepted the work and exams turned in online. So this whole semester wasn't a bust.'s the plan?

What plan?

I mean, are you going back to Anchorage or are you staying here?

For the summer?

For whenever.

Baby, what is going on with you? I thought you would just be super excited and happy I'm here. 

But, I don't know what your future plans are...I mean.....

Jake, just get it out. 

Baby, don't cry, what is it?

Are we know....are we still "us"?

Oh, Jake, baby, baby, don't cry, don't cry. We're still us. We're still us. 

I'm sorry. I don't mean to be so.....I just... I didn't know what to expect... I know it's supposed to be about your dad...and I'm being selfish....but.....

Shh, my dad is going to be okay. You're not being selfish. I should have known, baby. This is all so scary and dangerous to you. We're good. We're okay. Okay? 

Okay...I just...I ....I don't know what to do without you. 

Let's order some takeout, watch a movie, and then I'll show you how together we are....

Sunday, April 13

Harley and Crow: Summer Looms Long

*big sigh*

What's up?

My mom keeps asking when my last final is, so I can fly home the next day. I told her I have to look it up, because I don't want to go home for the summer.

Did you ask about summer school?

Yeah, they both said no. My dad said he didn't think summer school was the real reason I wanted to stay and that he wasn't funding my relationship with you. 

Well, he nailed that one on the head. 

Yeah, I know. 

We can survive it. It's two months. 

Two and a half. 

Well, I'll take a vacation and come and visit you for two weeks in the middle. 

 Even though you'll have to sleep on the pull out sofa in the family room? 

Yup. Even if I had to sleep on a wooden plank. 

*little laugh*

I still don't want to go. I don't want to be away from you that long

I know baby; I don't want to be away from you that long either. But we can make it, especially with a visit in between. 

And think about how happy you'll be to see me again. 


It still stinks. 

Saturday, April 12

Twig Again

Twig is back with new hair. I love this girl. She looks like the little nature nut I want her to be. And now her name suits her perfectly. She's going to have a kitty friend joining her in the next month or two, and then my doll collection will be complete. It will have two more dolls than I originally planned, for a total of 10 instead of 8. But 10 is a good number, so it should all work out. 

I know I haven't been storytelling much lately, and I miss it, but life has just been too busy and tiring to do much about it. I might not really start up again until summer. We'll just have to see how things go. 

Alaska's head is supposed to show back up some time this week. When it does, I will post pics of it. I can't wait to see her new look in person. I think she's going to look a little younger, which is what I wanted. 

Monday, March 31

Meet Twig

She's a pukifee ante. I had one once before, but I sold her. I decided to try one again, now that I know what to expect (or not expect from this size). She came with these blue eyes, which are the perfect color for her! 

I think she needs a wig change already though, lol. Of course I forgot to order her a wig cap, so I did that today. I might look this wig better once it's got the wig cap underneath it. If not, I might try something darker, or something lighter, I'm not sure which yet. 

She and Fawn are already connected, since they are both Antes. 

She only has one outfit right now. And I'm broke in terms doll funds. I've placed a couple of orders, but it will be a month before they get here. I will have to break out my sewing machine and see what I can do. 

Sunday, March 30

New Wigs for a Few of These Darlings

Marina has gone red. So of course I needed to take her photo with Kade. I think he likes it. She also has new eyes, they are a dark green. Not sure if I should get her a light blue, but I'll let her ride with these for awhile. 

Rose has also gone red, since it goes with her name, and Fawn has taken over Rose's dark brown wig. I love the blond fairyland wigs on them both, but they are a little too big. These wigs fit just right and are not capable of accidently slipping, as long as there is a wig cap underneath. 

Tomorrow or Tuesday a new someone is showing up. Wonder who it will be....

Monday, March 24


I'm Kade and my life kind of sucks. I'm a senior in high school, and I'm an elf. Yeah, with the pointy ears and everything. I used to think being an elf was the most awesome thing in the world, but then I woke up and realized it wasn't. I ran away from home last year. I couldn't take it anymore. My dad did something really awful and was taken to a prison, and my mom is in total denial and telling everyone he's been falsely accused. But the elf guardians don't make mistakes, they have ways of seeing the truth, so I know he really did what they say he did.

I've been lucky, because my best friend's parents are letting me bum at their place. I feel really guilty, and I keep trying to give them money for food and stuff, since I work at the deli, but they won't take any of it. Anyway, I've been staying in my friend's sister's room, because she's away at college. So I don't have to sleep on the floor, which is nice. 
So here's what I do: I go to school, I go to work, I come back to this house, do homework, eat, do more homework, go to bed, and get up the next morning and do it all over again. Except on the weekends. Then I sleep in, go to work, and sometimes go to a party, and sometimes just hang out in the sister's room. 

There's this girl I like, her name's Marina, but I can't even talk to her. I mean, what am I going to say? Hey, I'm an almost orphan, only worse because my dad's in prison, and I have no life, but hey, do you want to go out with me? Besides, she's human, and she might not even want to talk to an elf, I don't know. And I'm quiet, and a little bit shy, so it's going nowhere. She's beautiful, too, which just makes it worse, because she's probably got a boyfriend in college or something, since she doesn't seem to be dating anyone from school. She sits in the front of the class and I sit in the back, which pretty much sums it all up. 
Don't ask me about my future.  I have no idea; I'm just trying to get through each day.