Sunday, July 27

Dream Child

I am a Dream Child. I can't explain it exactly. I was a baby once, I know that, but now I am 10, and I will always be ten. I've been ten for awhile, it's a great age to be. I'm real. I'm not invisible, but most people don't see me. I'm part of the fairy and elf world and spend a lot of time in the woods and in my home, with my parents, (who became Dream Parents and stopped aging when I did)....and time with Jace of course. I come and go as I please, but I'm connected to him, so when I feel him searching for me, I come to him. He thinks of me like a little sister, which is a good way to view me. I have the wisdom and knowledge of a fifty year old, but the dreams and desires of a ten year old.....a very special ten year old, who knows fairytales can be real.


Bonus: Portrait

Saturday, July 26

Beautiful Rose

I am so happy with Rose. She is just beautiful in her new wig. Wish I had thought to get this for her a year ago, but oh well. She's also very happy being an only littlefee. Not that she minded sharing. She's a very giving and loving spirit, but someone she was often overshadowed by the other littlefees I had. Now she gets all of the attention and doesn't have to compare her beauty to anyone else. 

The lighting isn't the best, because it's late in the evening, but I'm hoping to have some time to capture her during daylight hours tomorrow. We have company, so it just depends on what we end up doing tomorrow. She's very happy on my dresser, as all the bjds are. I'm wondering if she needs to take up a permanent residence there. I might have to buy her her own doll sofa, just so she can have a place to hang out. 

Friday, July 25

Harley and Crow: It Just Multiplies

Are you meddling again?

Yeah, kind of...well you know, Jace is all alone and since you guys hit it off at the coffee shop the other day, I thought we could invite him for dinner....but you know, we could invite some other people, too. I'll invite MJ, not to set them up, because I don't think they would exactly fit together, but you know.....

I know you....and if you think it's broken you try to fix it. I bet you were always coming home with baby birds, injured frogs, and lost kittens and puppies. 

Well, I would have, but my dad would have just broken their necks and .....

Ugh.....well, I'm not your dad, I won't break Jace's neck, and if you want to bring baby birds and frogs home, that's fine with me. I can't promise we can fix them though. 

Yeah, you're not the bird strangling sort. I'm more interested in helping people, anyway. Well, people and the occasional wolf I meet. Those this wolf we both know has helped me more than the other way around. 

Yeah, well, you didn't see my doom and gloom days from before you came around. Invite Jace, invite MJ, and maybe a few more. We'll have a BBQ outside, so people can mingle. Hell, invite everyone you can think of, if you want. We'll have an "end of summer" bash. 

That sounds great! We'll see up the volleyball net, and the slip and slide......

You go for it. Just tell me what I need to do. 


Bonus shots:

The Happy Couple

My Favorite Girl
Well, we're having company for a couple of nights, so of course the dolls have been moved out of the spare bedroom and into the master bedroom. So what else could I do, but tell a story?! I told you I would be back! :) 
I love Harley. She is truly my favorite doll in my entire collection (which isn't very big, but still). There are some close seconds, but she is like my touchstone doll. I adore her on this Moe line body. It is much sturdier than the Active line body. Her head isn't a perfect fit on it; it's a tad loose, but it doesn't impact posing and photography. 
Tonight I went through her wardrobe, and Isabella's (the incoming MNF Ante) wardrobe as well. I have a Brennil order coming up soon and wanted to see what I might need. I actually don't feel desperate for anything, and I have limited funds, so besides a pair of undies for Isabella, I think I'll just pick out one outfit for Harley. I realized the only things in her closet with patterns are two pair of tights, everything else is a solid color, so I probably should attempt to remedy that. 

Saturday, July 19

Rose and Twig: The Little Girls

The little girls got new wigs yesterday. The are from 1mim on DoA, and I love them. Her wigs are worth waiting for, since they completely conform to the scalp and fit perfectly. It was a breezy day today, so the only pic of Rose without hair completely distorting her eyes is this one. I love this pic, though, she looks so comfortable and relaxed, and enjoying the warm sun (and her new dress from Spampy).

Here she is with Twig. Originially I planned this wig for Fawn, so I asked that the two wigs be the same color. But Fawn has moved on (shocking I know, but I just never connected with her, and I really wanted 6 beds instead of seven). She and Rose are going to be best friends, when they finally meet. Of course that will have to wait until Jace meets Isabella. And I don't expect Isabella until October, at the rate Fairyland is moving these days. 

Sweet girl in her Nixie Pixie outfit. I still have her other two wigs, but this one fits so beautifully, it's definitely her primary wig. 
I know I haven't been here much. I've been giving the AGs most of my time and attention. And I'm panicked about going back to work (it happens every year) so I've been sewing and napping to avoid thinking about it. Anyway, I haven't been here much, won't be here much for a while longer, but have no fear, I haven't lost my love and need for storytelling with the bjds. Everyone who is here now is staying, as is Isabella, when she arrives. I'll be in and out. With a story or two as the need arises, and a resurgence when Isabella arrives if one doesn't hit sooner than that. 

Tuesday, July 8

A Little Something

First off, a better pic of Harley and Crow. I finally took one in the daylight. They are in the same pose they were in when I wrote their story the other day. :) 

Then there is Rose, who is having fun with her red wig. I probably need to put a clip in the bangs if I want her to wear it on a more regular basis. No one can change wigs as often or as easily as Rose can.  I really want to make her Jace's sister, instead of a spirit. She could run away from home, too, find him, and that way it wouldn't be like he kidnapped her. But it would be a lot of strain on him, to be responsible for her. What are your thoughts on this?

And just because I'm feeling thankful, I want to thank you all for reading my blog! It's a lot more fun to create it, knowing there are readers out there, than it would be if I was the only one reading it.  Lots of love, Karlie

Sunday, July 6

Harley and Crow: A Little Teasing

So, how is the elf king?


You know, your new best friend at work.

Are you jealous?

No, not really, I'm teasing...well maybe...

He's not interested that way. He's just a friend, and he knows about you. 

Well, that doesn't always stop people. 

Crow, he needs someone to talk to. His parents are more psycho than mine are! And you know, I get it. Anyway, I was hoping you could kind of befriend him, too. 

Yeah, you know, you could do some guy bonding. And you know, you're a shapeshifter...he's an's not like either of you are totally average people. 

Yeah, can't just make someone be friends. 

Well...maybe you could come to the coffee shop and hang out a little bit. And then you know...I don't know..just see if you can start a conversation. 

Hmm....well, I'll give it a try. Just don't be surprised if this totally bombs. 




Thanks for bearing with me. They aren't the best pics, but I wanted another one of those "late night conversation" moods. I really need to get these two to talk in the daylight hours. And a story was long over due. I've been a summer slug, and playing with that other brand doll.....

Anyway, here's two bonus pics of Harley. She's sitting completely unaided. I love this body, it's just awesome. Not kicky, not gangly, just pose it and it holds. Now if only Crow would pose as well. He's not one for standing without going down on one leg. 

Monday, June 30

Harley on the M-line

The M-line body I ordered has come in and Harley is definitely keeping it. I wanted to see how they fit together, and she and Crow fit as well if not better than before! So, here is a little story mostly just because.....

Hey Baby.


You okay?

*little smile* Yeah, I'm good. 

Okay then.