Friday, September 12

Meet Violet

She arrived today. I am her fourth owner! And I plan on keeping her forever! She's from the first release of LTF Ante Elves. I even got her in the little pink box with the pink satin zippered bag. (Pics in my flickr account if you want to see: 

She's a bit yellowed but not too much, just definitely not the color of new resin. I spied her on flickr and doa and realized she had the original default face up, which is slightly darker and a little different from the current default face up. 

I feel really lucky to have been able to buy her. It used up my paypal funds, but oh well, that just means I'll have to sell more doll clothes, lol. She has she sleeping faceplate, too, so she and Rose will be able to take lazy afternoon naps together. She's just perfect, and exactly what I want in an Ante Elf. 


What she looked like when I found her: 

Monday, September 8

Jace: A Little Nudge or Two

Hey, Thanks for meeting me. I really needed to talk to you, and I didn't want to do it at work.

This is about Fawn, isn't it?

How'd you.....Yeah, it is. 

Jace, have you tried talking to her?

I don't know what to say. Every time I figure out what to say, the moment passes. I can hardly look at her, forget about talking to her. 

Honey, she likes you. She thinks you're cute. But if you don't talk to her, she's going to think you're not interested. If you say something dumb, it won't matter. She'll think you are adorable and probably like you even more. 

I wish it was easy. 

Look, I've got to go to class. Just say , "Hi, How's it going?" and see what happens. Okay?

Agh, that sounds so stupid. ............ like Joe Schmuck. 

I told you so!

Where'd you come from?

Jace, you are an awesome "almost" brother. Fawn will see how awesome you are.

I don't want her to be my "almost" sister. 


I've got to say something to her, don't I? 

Um, Yeah!

Tuesday, September 2

Jace and Fawn: A Beginning

So that's pretty much everything about how it works around here. You start tomorrow, right? 

Yeah, thanks for the tour and the training. 

Sure, no problem. This is my second year here. It's pretty easy to get into a swing, and Rachel is very forgiving as long as you're willing to work hard when your here. 

Hey, looks like you have a customer. 

Hey Harley. 

Hey, are you working now? 

No, I just came in to check the schedule. I forgot to look yesterday. See ya. 


(Is she watching? Is she watching me walk away? I can't look back.)

OMG, please tell me that is not your boyfriend. 

Who? Jace? No, he's definitely not my boyfriend. 

Oh good, 'cause he's really cute. 

He's also very single!


God, I miss you when you're gone. 

I'm back now. 

Oh, and guess what? Jace has an admirer! 

Oh, you playing match maker now?

I might help it along a little. He's going to need some encouragement

Tell me all about it.


Monday, September 1

Rose At Home

Since Jace is pre-occupied, Rose feels comfortable spending more time at home. 

Here she is hanging out around one of her favorite places, an old tree stump, underneath the shade of a large living tree.

When she's quiet, she pretty much camouflages right in. 

Sunday, August 31

Fawn it is!

So I decided to go ahead and name her Fawn. I think it really suits her, with the gray/brown wig, and her wardrobe. And Twig is her baby sister, so it shows a tend in her family's approach to names. They must have some forest elf blood in their family tree, which is why Twig has pointy ears, but it doesn't show itself in Fawn's appearance.

I completely changed out her room, so now she has American Girl Josefina's bed, and the settee is going back to Harley and Crow, so their room will also get a complete overhaul. I need to get some netting to make a canopy that flows over the sides of the bed for Fawn. But I won't have any free cash until Friday, so it's on my to do list for next weekend.

I've gotten so used to Jace just sitting around waiting, I forgot how good it feels when the companion shows up! It's kept a smile on my face since she arrived, yesterday afternoon.

Saturday, August 30

Jace's True Love

Jace's true love showed up today, well, part of her, at any rate. I bought the sleeping head from an online amiga and it arrived this afternoon. Shortly after receiving it, I got a notice from DDE that the rest of her (her body and open-eyed head) has been shipped and will be arriving some time this week! 

Needless to say, both Jace and I are super excited. I ordered her on May 7th and fully expected it to be another month before I saw her, since Fairyland decided to have so many events back to back, which really slowed down their shipping times. 

Originally I was going to name her Isabella, but now I'm not sure if it suits her. I'm considering Asha, Sarabella, and Annabella, Mariella, Serefina, and any other soft sounding name that ends in -a or -ia. Of course, there's a good chance I'll just go back to my original idea and stick with Isabella....but when she arrived, I just wasn't sure. Fawn, Luna, Willow, and Meadow are also in the running. Right this minute I am leaning toward Fawn. Gah, there are so many great names, it's hard to make a decision. I would really love some input and ideas!

Jace is in total awe of her. He doesn't care if all she can do right now is sleep. He's happy to sit or lay next to her and hold her. He is amazed he's found love. Of course it's not really fair to jump into the middle of their relationship, so I will begin at the beginning when the rest of her arrives, but I couldn't resist taking photos of them together. 

I'm sure I will take some more photos before the complete girl is home and share them here. It's so nice to see Jace happy and not alone. And Harley doesn't mind giving up her body for a few days, since she knows she'll get it back within the week. 

I think they are going to look lovely together. He will take care of her as much as she will take care of him. 

Sunday, August 17

Rose Has a New Space

I converted an old doll trunk into her own little hideaway. Now she can live on my dresser in my bedroom, instead of lost on a shelf with the other dolls in the guest room. She doesn't seem to get as much attention when she's with them as she does when she's alone. I repapered the interior, moved the drawer up to create a little nook for a blanket and book, and added a couple of shelves for knick-knacks.

Her she is in her "window" seat. I want to make her a little felted wool pillow and maybe a little blanket. I would also like to find a few more small books for her to read. 

Complete left side includes: black and white framed photo of trees in winter, embellished with a metal bird and floral stem, drawer, faux elk skin from American Girl Kaya's bedding set, a blank notebook found at a local bookstore.

Complete right side: black and white framed back of a playing card, framed metal butterfly, two paper flowers, floral head wreath from Ball Jointed Beatrix, little bird nest I made out of found objects, salt shaker with glitter, WISH tickets, my grandmother's pearls, a found silver sugar container, a trunk from Pier 1, and a little felted wool pillow I made.